SCNM is now Sonoran University of Health Sciences. As you explore our new website, you may notice mention of SCNM in some documents and images. We are working to update this!

Area of Interest

Lower Back, Hip, & Knee

We find that injuries to the lower body, including the low back, hip, and knee areas, aren’t exclusive to weekend warriors or folks who are frequently on the move. Anyone is susceptible to injuries to lower extremities, including office workers or those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle. Habits like poor posture or frequent sitting or standing can lead to long-term pain. Patients frequently find themselves excusing a creaky knee or unstable joints, but you shouldn’t have to live with any shooting pain or throbbing injuries. Whether you’re experiencing a sports-related injury, bursitis, or just experiencing everyday pain, our campus has providers that can help.

Available Providers