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Dr. Iginio Stoppa in Parade

Dr. Iginio Stoppa in Whats Good by the Vitamin Shoppe

As featured in Whats Good by the Vitamin Shoppe, Iginio Stoppa, ND is a naturopathic provider in the on-campus Medical Center at Sonoran University of Health Sciences. In the article, Dr. Stoppa provides insight into the time-tested uses of St. John’s Wort.

Dr. Stoppa is a naturopathic physician who practices primary care medicine focused on chronic diseases (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders) and pain management. Born and raised in Phoenix, Dr. Stoppa’s roots are deep in Arizona where he developed his passion for medicine. Prior to his doctorate, Dr. Stoppa worked as an exercise and movement specialist for physical therapists and in sports performance facilities.

His areas of expertise are Pain Management, Men’s Health, and Chronic Conditions with a focus on Cardiovascular, Diabetes, autoimmune issues.

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