SCNM is now Sonoran University of Health Sciences. As you explore our new website, you may notice mention of SCNM in some documents and images. We are working to update this!

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Medical Center

Comprehensive care for the entire family.
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Neil Riordan Center

Integrative care for pain relief.
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How to Book Online

Step 1: Refine Your Search

Use the following search options to find the care that meets your needs. Click the drop-down menu for each category to view all available options:

  • Specialty: Find the right care by symptoms or conditions.
  • Provider: Click on our providers’ profiles to learn more.
  • Location: Choose our Medical Center or Neil Riordan Center.
  • Type of Visit: Decide between Private or Supervised sessions.
    • Supervised – Student clinicians meet with patients face-to-face gaining hands-on experience, while being led by a licensed provider for collaborative care.
    • Private – one-on-one appointment with a licensed provider.

Step 2: Booking Steps

Follow these simple steps to schedule your appointment:

  • Choose Your Option: Click ‘Book’ next to your preferred provider. Use the ‘Specialty’ search option to ensure the provider focuses on your symptoms or conditions.
  • Confirm Details: Verify the location and type of visit.
  • Tell Us About Yourself: Indicate if you’re a new or returning patient.
  • Submit Request: Click ‘Send Request’ to proceed.

Step 3: Complete Your Booking

  • Fill in your patient information, appointment details, and payment info.
  • Include contact information for confirmation.

Step 4: Confirm Your Appointment

Your appointment request is now pending approval! We’ll review it shortly. Please watch out for our emails and calls to confirm your booking and avoid delays.

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