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George (Neil Riordan Center)

So far I have had a long, wonderful trip. I grew up in southern Michigan near Ann Arbor. I spent the 1970s in Marin County and was part of the Grateful Dead Family. I then spent 1979 through 1999 in the adventure known as Los Angeles. I was deeply involved with the top rock-n-roll musicians. I saw/toured the world through rock music. I worked hard and played hard. I am still a happy working photographer and graphic designer at 74. I’m having such a good time that I wanted to be as healthy as I can be, now and in the future, hence Klee Bethel and the Neil Riordan Center.

I had my first spinal fusion in 2009. I was told at the time that in about 10 years I’d likely need more fusion. In 2019 I had more fusion. In 2020 I had the screws “the device” removed from my spine. I’ve had very painful nerve and muscle issues since then.

In March 2021 I was scheduled to receive stem cells in my lower back. In preparation, I was given an anti-inflammatory diet to follow. I’ve strictly adhered to it and I’ve lost 60 pounds so far in the last five months. I’ve also received Gua Sha treatments on my surgery scars. It’s all wonderful.

One of the main things that I and others have noticed is the fact that I stand much more erect and move around with more ease. I feel that with continued treatment at the Neil Riordan Center, I’ll be in the best shape of my life and properly ready for more of life’s pageant. Thank you all again!