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IV & IM Therapies

IV therapy is the administration of fluid with or without nutrients or medications directly into your vein for fast delivery. IM therapy is another quick method for administration of substance, but into your muscle.

IV TreatmentsSonoran University Medical Center PricesCompetitor Prices
Nutrient Boost (Myer's Cocktail)$100$275
Liver Cleanse (Tissue & Liver Detox)$52$200
Anti-Viral $150$375
The Defender (Immunity)$120$200
High-Dose Vitamin C - 12.5g RX ONLY$135$200-$400
High-Dose Vitamin C - 25g RX ONLY$140$200-$400
High-Dose Vitamin C - 40g RX ONLY$160$200-$400
High-Dose Vitamin C - 50g RX ONLY$195$200-$400
ChelationRX ONLY$-
Migraine Support (Migraine/Headache Relief)$90$200
Stress Relief $155$175
MSK Drip (Musculoskeletal Growth and Repair)$120$-
NAD RX ONLY$200$300-$1000
Hydration/Saline/LR$10 - $30$88-$150
IM TreatmentsSonoran University Medical Center PricesCompetitor Prices
D3 .25ml$25$-
D3 1ml RX ONLY$30$-
Fat Burner$25$-
Slim Shot$30$-
B12 $23$-
Supercharged B12$30$-