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Arianna Rodriguez ND

Assistant Professor

Minor Surgery, Skin Disorders, Women’s Health, Hormones, Gastrointestinal Health


Dr. Rodriguez is a physician at Sonoran University Medical Center, along with serving as adjunct faculty at the college. She strives to help her patients make healthier food choices and is always eager to share recipes and cooking techniques. She is an Arizona native and fluent Spanish speaker. She also volunteers regularly with Naturopaths Without Borders to work with underserved populations in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Area of Focus

Minor Surgery, Skin Disorders, Women’s Health, Hormones and Gastrointestinal Health


BS in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology, 2010, Arizona State University

Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, 2017, Sonoran University of Health Sciences, formerly Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine


Treatment of Pediatric Guttate Psoriasis with Homeopathy. Case Study.
“What are the best ways to get rid of dark circles around the eyes using natural remedies?” Endurance Magazine (2018)