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Dr. Robert Greathouse in Costco Connection

Dr. Robert Greathouse in Costco Connection

As featured in Costco Connection, Robert Greathouse, NMD, is a naturopathic provider who completed his Residency with Sonoran University of Health Sciences in 2023. In the article, Dr. Greathouse gives insight into what your poo says about you, and how it is an indicator of what is going on inside your body. He has since joined Redirect Health in Scottsdale, AZ as a Physician.

During his time at Sonoran University, he received our coveted Outstanding Leadership Award and specialized in Adrenal Health, Fatigue and Sleep concerns, Thyroid Care, Women’s Health, and Nutrition and Weight Loss concerns.

Dr. Greathouse has been identified as a provider who demonstrates the ability to lead, a willingness to listen to others, a true humanitarian character, support for the community, and demonstrates a commitment to advancing the naturopathic profession.

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