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Dr. Hannah Schroeder in Women's Wear Daily

Dr. Hannah Schroeder in Women's Wear Daily

Sonoran University of Health Sciences is proud to present that our very own Dr. Hannah Schroeder has been attributed in an article in Women’s Wear Daily, which was picked up by national coverage, where she helps break down the differences between the traditional hot water bottle, and the ever growing market of heating pads and their benefits.

Hannah Schroeder is a member of Sonoran University’s full-time clinical faculty. She completed 2 years of general medicine residency at a rigorous, multidisciplinary teaching clinic. She prioritizes integrative, evidence-based medicine and utilizes a variety of therapies and modalities including nutrition, botanicals, nutraceuticals, IV injection therapy, acupuncture, and more to offer individualized care. She contributes to clinical practice classes at the Sonoran University College of Naturopathic Medicine and is passionate about furthering the growth of Naturopathic Medicine by teaching clinical reasoning and clinical skills to future Naturopathic Doctors.

Her areas of expertise are Internal Medicine/General Medicine, Women’s Health, Thyroid Conditions, Preventative Health, Annual Exams, Anxiety, Depression, PMS, PMDD, GI/digestive concerns, Therapeutic IV injections, Acupuncture, and Botanical Formulations.

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